Welcome back Dobberheads! If you've been following me throughout the season, you'll know that I didn't get off to a great start, and it's been a long uphill battle to get to the 63% average I've come to pursue year over year. Well, after a 4-2 Saturday, and having gone 25-5 over the last 2 weeks, I'm now right where I want to be at 62% both on my personal record as well as on my Saturday's Picks. 


As I stated a few weeks ago, with matchups having such huge favourites these days, I tend to throw in more parlays than I normally would, and they have definitely worked out well for me recently. One such night was this past Thursday where I went 5/5 picking Toronto, Winnipeg, Colorado, Nashville and Los Angeles. You might be saying to yourself that one of those things is not like the others, and you wouldn't be wrong. Colorado was just over a 1.5 underdog that night, and I almost went with St. Louis but had a last-minute gut feeling that Nathan Mackinnon was going to have a good night and that Jake Allen was not. I can't exactly say what ultimately led me to that decision, but you've got to trust your gut every now and then. 


Fantasy wise, in my two main pools (one salary, both keeper), I've completely fallen out of the race for first and am doing everything I can to hold on to third place. Braden Holtby decided to drop dead at the worst time possible. In my other league, I'm currently in the lead in the first round of playoffs and am hoping to land in the money considering I'm not in the overall points race. Nicklas Backstrom, Dmitry Orlov and Cam Atkinson all picked great weeks to wake up, and having Pekka Rinne to backstop the team definitely helps.


It's also around this time I like to look back on my fantasy seasons and see if there was anything I would have done differently, and boy one horrendous trade comes to mind. In my salary league, I was pushing hard for first and then Victor Hedman went down with a 3-6 timetable for a return. Having no real options in the Free Agent Pool, I received a few offers and ended up moving him for Kevin Shattenkirk, Duncan Keith and a pick upgrade… only to have Shattenkirk go down a week after. Hindsight is 20/20, but it was a knee jerk reaction that I shouldn't have made, regardless of Hedman's quick come back and Shattenkirk's season ending injury. At the time I justified it having Roman Josi, Shayne Gostisbehere and Nick Leddy holding the fort, but man do I wish I could take that back.


Do any of you have horror stories from this past year? Let me know in the comments.


On to today's games:


Personal Record: 262-163 (62%)

Dobber Record: 78-48 (62%)


Edmonton @ Florida (2:00 PM EST)

Pick: Florida – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 5/5


Montreal @ Toronto (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Toronto – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 4.5/5


Ottawa @ Columbus (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Columbus – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 4/5


New York @ St. Louis (8:00 PM EST)

Pick: St. Louis – Visitor Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 3.5/5


Minnesota @ Arizona (9:00 PM EST)

Pick: Minnesota – Visitor Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 3.5/5


San Jose @ Vancouver (10:00 PM EST)

Pick: San Jose – Visitor Team Victory – V

Confidence Level: 4/5