Saturday NHL Game Picks – March 24

Adam Mark


Only two weeks left to go before the big dance, hopefully you're all doing well down the stretch in your pools! Unfortunately, I have to keep things a bit short here as I've had a crazy week and the weekend is looking to be more of the same. 


Last Saturday I finished 5-1, which bumped my Dobber Record to my goal of 63% on the season, for my personal record I went 16-8 which kept it at 62%. I'm going to need a strong personal finish to get to 63%, but I think I can get there. 


That said, the games this Saturday have me feeling all sorts of ways. While there are some clear lopsided matches on paper (and in Vegas), my gut doesn't feel great about any of the picks today. For instance, both Toronto and Florida are over 2:1 favourites, but Detroit beat Philly in OT and lost a very close game to Washington this week, while Arizona has been scoring goals all week. Both teams are poised for some upsets. For this reason, I'd feel much better going with San Jose as the lock for this week but alas I do have to pick six games for the column. 


Even with a pretty reliable record this season, for my personal record, I'll be looking at picking San Jose and maybe Columbus. 


On to today's games:


Personal Record: 287-1175 (62%)

Dobber Record: 83-49 (63%)


Calgary @ San Jose (4:00 PM EST)

Pick: San Jose – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 4/5


Detroit @ Toronto (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Toronto – Home Team Victory – H

Confidence Level: 3/5


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Carolina @ Ottawa (7:00 PM EST)<