Fantasy Hockey Podcast: Do Panik!

Elan Dubrofsky


After Brian beat Elan in sudden death OT for the Keeping Karlsson Bubble Hockey Championship that took place at the tail-end of the Ottawa listener meetup, Elan was very sad while Brian did a victory dance. As they said their goodbyes, Elan asked Brian to write the introductory text for this brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast– which features a listener mailbag, plus the latest injuries/outjuries/line changes/hot + cold streaks– before the night was done. Brian, being such a wonderful and excellent co-host, and also the best bubble hockey player of the two and thus feeling sorry for his friend who wanted to be champion so badly, obliged.

This Tuesday, take on Elan and Brian in our Keeping Karlsson FanDuel listener league! Our contest opens first thing Tuesday morning– there are limited spots available, so hit the link early to guarantee your spot in our game.

Players discussed on this episode include a whole lot of players that maybe will be named specifically in this write-up at some point in the near future, or maybe not.

* * *

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