Dobber’s 13th Interactive Playoff Draft List – Ready for Download!




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For the 12th time in 13 years (damn lockout), I've released my patented Playoff Draft List. What's so special about it? Well, not only does it have my own picks – but it's also an interactive spreadsheet that allows you to pick the winners of each round and it adjusts the players' point totals accordingly. You can fill in your teams, add bonus games for those teams you are "iffy" on, and sort in several different ways. Don't like the result? Clear it and run a different scenario. Do it as often as you like!

I don't like walking into a draft tied to one draft list – which is what you'll be doing if you get your list elsewhere. I print off two or even three different scenarios using different Cup and/or Conference finalists. If too many players from Team X are gone in the first two rounds, then using the draft list that leans on Team X is fruitless – you'd just be getting the scraps! So toss that list in the garbage and move onto the other one. That way you get the better players and put together a nice playoff team. In simple Pick 10 pools, I try to have four – four – two. That is to say, I choose four players from the same team, four from another team and then two from a "dark horse" team. If it's a Pick 15, I take four – four – four – three, with the "three" coming from a long shot. I can't tell you how many times that so-called long shot team went two or even three rounds and won the pool for me. Because those are the three best players on that team and they were still around in the last three rounds!


Pick it up here. This is an instant download – as long as you're logged in you can simply go to your downloads and pick it up. And because I keep updating it, you can go in and re-download the latest one when you need it!


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