Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Defensemen – May 2018



Here are the Top 50 prospect defensemen to own your fantasy hockey keeper league – May edition!

Takes into account several aspects – each one is very important and how you prioritize them for your fantasy squad depends on your current needs (long-term, high upside or short-term, NHL-ready, lower ceiling). As always, two players within +/-5.0 rating points of each other should be considered equal value and at that point comes down to team needs or personal preference. 

This month, because I am in the midst of putting together the 12th annual Fantasy Prospects Report (out June 1st – order it here!), half of the players have been vetted and adjusted…whereas the other half still need review. So this month is kind of a mishmash of this. In June, after the FPR is out, these rankings will be full vetted and all players adjusted. I wish I could give you some direction as to which ones have been tweaked – but literally half the prospects for each team have been done, and there was no pattern as to which ones. Best direction I can give is that the prospects who have moved up and down a lot have definitely been evaluated. That's not to say that the stagnant prospects haven't been evaluated – those ones I just feel I had right all along. But some of the stagnant ones have not been reviewed yet.


Click any player name to be taken to his scouting fantasy profile. COMING SOON: *NEW* DobberProspects player profile pages. Better, cleaner, faster, more in-depth and organized. Watch for it!


In case you missed it yesterday, click here to see the Top 200 fantasy prospect forwards. 

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May 10 Prospect Team age type Apr 10 Mar 10
1 Cale Makar COL d 69.9 8 7