Ramblings: Save Percentages; DeBrincat; Shattenkirk; Horvat; Galchenyuk and More – June 1

Michael Clifford


With the season winding down, aside from the amazing Cup Final we have on our hands obviously, the focus shifts to prospects and the draft. Lucky for everyone reading this, we have an incredible team of writers covering prospects from all over the globe. To that end, today is the day the Prospect Report is released! Be sure to head to the Dobber Shop to grab your copy.


In his Ramblings a couple days ago, Ian took a question from fellow Dobber writer/editor Steve Laidlaw (hi, Steve!) about save percentages. They have been declining league-wide for a couple years now. I concur with Ian on both of his points that equipment changes are part of it, as well as the increased focus by teams on speed and skill. No longer are rosters weighed down by a fourth line of face-punchers; the top teams have guys who can score all over the lineup.

One thing I will add: power plays are more efficient than ever. Power-play efficiency is a quick way to just absolutely tank a goalie’s save percentage and I think that’s part of the decline league-wide. Is it something that changes as teams adapt on the penalty kill or is this the new status quo? We’ll see next year.


A little confession here: I’ve never participated in an auction fantasy hockey league. I’ve done them in baseball (home-league fantasy baseball auction day is one of my favourite days of the year) and even a football one a few years back. But never hockey.

I throw this out to the people who participate regularly in auction leagues: what are your favourite formats? Total budget, roster size, categories, what have you. Let me know in the comments.


Something I wonder sometimes: does Alex DeBrincat get overlooked in drafts next year? As far as rookies go, he’s never discussed among the elite of this year’s crop, which isn’t necessarily a huge fault of the hockey community. This was an absolutely loaded year for rookies. All the same, DeBrincat had 28 goals, over 50 points, over two shots per game, and did all that playing under 15 minutes a night. He did garner more ice time as the season wore on, though, and this team needs scoring from its wingers beyond just Patrick Kane and hopefully a rebounding Brandon Saad. Maybe he flies under the radar and gives us a reasonable ADP for 2018-19? Maybe.


My Ramblings for the last month or so have been pretty heavy on math (however basic the math is) and I understand that can get a bit