Ramblings: Fantasy Hockey Mailbag, Caps set the table – just need to add a Cup, Kovalchuk and more (June 5)




The Fantasy Prospects Report was released Friday to great response. A couple of errors were brought to my attention and I fixed for Saturday morning’s re-release. I plan to do the one and only real update for June 11 – depends if the Cup is won by then and we can complete a Mock. But as I do every year, I will write another three to 10 prospect profiles based on your requests. You can leave them in the comments below or discuss in the forum (I’ll find it if you post it).

Another thing I did in Saturday’s update was move a couple of prospects who were drafted in 2016 (or 2014 for European players in Europe) and were not signed by the June 1 deadline – Adam Mascherin (FLA) and Hudson Elynuik (CAR). I moved them to the “back in the draft” section. But I need to also move Brandon Hagel (BUF), who was announced later Saturday so I missed it.

If you’re interested in seeing what is in the Fantasy Prospects Report, I posted three screen shots in the shop page so you get a feel for what you’re getting. And with the Keeper League Fantasy Pack, then basically you pay another two bucks on top of the FPR to get the Fantasy Guide. Sounds pretty good to me!


A lot? I think Alex Tuch will be Chris Kreider fantasy-wise and – knock on wood – doesn’t have the injury baggage to slow his development or reduce his production.


These questions are always tough because last year’s guys have always had an extra year to really make their mark. So while maybe he’d be drafted fourth ov