Top 100 Keeper League Goalies – May 2018




Thanks to work on the Fantasy Prospects Report (buy it now – right here!), followed by a brief vacay, these rankings are late. But the result? A week of non-stop rankings! Kicking it off with the Top 100 Goalies to own in your fantasy keeper league (below), I will follow up with the Top 300 Keeper League players (Friday), the Top 100 Keeper Defensemen (Saturday), the Top 200 Prospect Forwards (Sunday) and the Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Defensemen (Monday). So stay tuned for that!


Something new this week. I sorted these in order of Tiers, since that's the most important factor. Getting one goalie in Tier 3 is the same as getting another in my opinion, because the value of goaltenders fluctuate so much in our little world of fantasy hockey. But I did leave the rankings in if you want to see the results of the calculations, and the "rank" is the number that goalie is at when sorted by the rating.


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May 20 Goalie Team Rating Apr 20 Tier
1 Connor Hellebuyck WPG 106.6 1 0
2 Frederik Andersen TOR 104.2 2 1
3 Tuukka Rask BOS 102.0 4 1
4 Braden Holtby WAS 101.5 5 1
5 Andrei Vasilevskiy TBL 101.3 3 1
6 Sergei Bobrovsky