Frozen Pool Forensics: Bounce-Back Candidates – Part 1

Chris Liggio



There’s plenty of fantasy heroes season after season but we also see disappointment from others to accompany the positives. It can’t always be cheery when discussing players who did not perform to expectations, though many of the following players have valid reasons for down campaigns in 2017-18.  Indeed, some just plain and simply did not bring it and looking to their advanced statistics they stand reason to turn the tide in the coming year. A lot of variables outside player control also came into play with a couple of the following; hence they stand a good chance to turn things around. Capitalizing on drops in value is always a savvy way to go about building a well-rounded roster, so here’s a few guys who may very well see their market price dip thanks to their shortcomings in the prior campaign.


Wayne Simmonds

This coming draft will be the latest you’ll ever see Wayne Simmonds selected after his down season due to a laundry list of injuries. The definition of a trooper, the power forward played through a broken ankle, torn thumb ligaments, a pelvis tear, and a pulled groin. On top of this, he also just so happened to lose six teeth as a side note. As a Simmonds owner in a keeper setting, this past campaign was worrisome as he hurdles towards age 30 with decline on the mind. Power forwards of this mold tend to fade fast due to their style of play, case in point Corey Perry. Alas, when the injuries were reported the down statistics across the board are more than understandable. Now the fact he almost scored 25 goals with all these impairments seems astounding. More so than anything, Simmonds is a likely bounce back candidate for 2018-19 is a contract year for the Flyers gritty scorer. If you’ve followed my writing at all you know how vital I feel securing players in this scenario can be to fantasy success. Look for the lanky forward to re-establish himself as the elite multi-category cog he is next year on an offensively gifted Philadelphia squad.


Jeff Skinner

Though I did not foresee the likes of