Ramblings: Doughty Signing, Tavares, Reirden Hiring, plus more…

Ian Gooding


Doughty Signing, Tavares, Rierden Hiring, plus more…

Ian here today, filling in for Cam Robinson.  

Just one more day before the fun begins! As the signings are announced, don’t forget to check Dobber Hockey for the fantasy takes on each signing (Yay! I’m the editor that day!) July 1 is always a crazy day, as many of the signings seem to be announced in rapid succession (or at least faster than I can type). But with many signings already rumored to be happening because of the new negotiation period, will there be as many surprises as in years past? We shall see. Christmas isn’t as much fun if you’ve opened most of your presents before the big day.


John Tavares news… or is it really news. He hasn’t decided whether he will re-sign with the Islanders or become a free agent, according to The Athletic via NHL.com. The Islanders, Sharks, and Leafs are believed to be the frontrunners, but the winds can shift. The Isles do hold a hometown advantage in that they can offer an eight-year contract and other teams only seven, but that advantage expires on July 1 if they can’t sign him. Anyone could then sign him to max seven years. So on July 1 we’ll find out how important that extra year is for JT. Nervous times if you’re an Islanders fan.

If Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Boston are considered out of the running, state or provincial taxes resulting in take-home pay don’t seem to be the issue here, assuming all teams are offering the same amount. TSN has actually created a Tavares Calculator, where you can enter an AAV (eg. 8,000,000) and calculate what his net salary would be after taxes. If winning is the most important factor, then would Toronto or San Jose really give him a better chance than Tampa Bay or Boston? Long Island has been his hockey home and the Toronto area is where he grew up, so San Jose must be offering something very appealing to be in the mix.


A few signings were announced on Friday, with the biggest being Drew Doughty agreeing to an eight-year extension with the Kings. The average annual value is expected to be worth just under $11 million per season. The contract cannot be signed until July 1.

Fantasy implications? If you’re a Doughty owner in a salary cap league, you’ve had time to prepare to what should be around a $4 million per season raise. And if you’re an Erik Karlsson owner in a salary cap league, it gives you a better idea of what to expect. From Capped writer Alex MacLean: