Top 100 Keeper League Goalies – June 2018



Here are the Top 100 goaltenders to own in your fantasy hockey keeper leagues – June edition (yeah, I know…)


Last month I tried a new idea and sorted the goalies by Tiers. This is because I honestly don't care which goaltender I own if it is between two goalies in the same tier. There is just so much fluctuation and instability in the G position for fantasy hockey, between injuries, team play, pressure (or lack thereof) from backups, etc. Just give me two guys in Tier 1 (or dare I dream – Tier 0?) and I'm happy. But I didn't like the optics of sorting it that way last month and I don't think you liked it either. So this month I'm back to sorting based on what my formulas spit out. Goalies within the same Tier should still be considered equal and at that point become just a personal preference or based on your team needs or likes. There have been lots of changes to goalies over the past month so please forgive me if I missed a couple – and kindly note them in the comments so I can fix or at least adjust my template for next month!


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Jun 20 Goalie Team Rating May 20 Tier
1 Connor Hellebuyck WPG 106.6 1 0
2 Frederik Andersen TOR 106.2 2 0