Cage Match Tournament 2018 – Breakout Players (Week 1)

Rick Roos



This summer marks the return of Cage Match Tournaments focusing on breakout players. I figured with the rise in league-wide scoring, the Tournaments should be about picking the next group of players to make leaps into higher scoring echelons. To cover all the angles for your leagues, I’ll be doing tiers of forward breakout Tournaments – one for each of the next three weeks:

This week: Which forward – who’s never scored (or had a scoring pace) over 75 points in season – is most likely to post point per game scoring in 2018-19?

Next week: Which forward whose career best single season total (or scoring rate) has been 55-65 points is most likely to best his previous career high by at least ten points in 2018-19?

Week three: Which forward whose career best single season total or scoring rate has been 40-53 points is most likely to post 60+ points in 2018-19?

Depending on how things go with these tournaments, I’ll decide if I want to do a breakout defensemen tournament, so stay tuned. For now, let’s dive in!


Cage Match Tournament #1 – breakout point per game forwards

This week I’m asking you to vote on which forward(s) who have never previously scored 75+ points in a season (or had more than a 75 point scoring pace) will be point per game scorers in 2018-19. But first, a few tidbits about excluded players and voting rules/guidelines.


Excluded Players

Before you wonder where the likes of Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel are, although neither one has yet to tally 75+ points, both have each already finished a season with over a 75-point scoring pace so they’re disqualified. Others who might have been included as voting choices despite never posting over 75 points in a season – but are likewise ineligible due to having had a 75+ point scoring pace at least once – are Vladimir Tarasenko, Josh Bailey, Patrice Bergeron, Filip Forsberg, Jaden Schwartz, Jonathan Marchessault, and David Perron.

For the sake of completion, there are other disqualified players who likely (Matt Duchene, Mark Stone) or definitely (Nazem Kadri, Tyler Johnson, Kyle Okposo, Derek Stepan,