Ramblings: Fleury, Hellebuyck, Pacioretty, Boeser, & RFA’s

Cam Robinson





Let’s ease into this a bit.


What the hell is Marc Bergevin doing? The Habs’ GM has basically announced to the world that Max Pacioretty won’t be offered an extension and will be traded. This reeks of a whole, “You can’t quit, because you’re fired!” scenario.



Having this information be public doesn’t necessarily change the return on him because teams around the league knew he was available. Yet, it only furthers the public opinion that Bergevin is steering this historic ship into the rocks.


As I said, everyone and their dog knew that Patches was deep on the market. Rumours were swirling all over the draft landscape that a deal was set with LA. But an extension needed to be completed to solidify it. Word is that Max’s agent blew the extension, blew the deal and was subsequently sent packing by the player the following day. The Kings quickly went out and signed Ilya Kovalchuk.


It’s not a pretty situation in Montreal. And moving out what we can only assume is a disgruntled captain will be another blemish on the current regime’s resume. Don’t be shocked when the return is lukewarm.


From a fantasy perspective, Patches quality of teammates will almost assuredly improve. Heading into his age-30 campaign, there should still be a couple 30-plus goal seasons left in that twig.




Vegas extended Marc-Andre Fleury for three years at seven million per. The club just bought up his age 35-37 seasons as the new deal won’t kick in