Ramblings: Thoughts on Marner, Point, Scherbak, Puljujarvi, Hutton, Hart, Nylander and Schmaltz (Aug 13)



Ramblings: Thoughts on Marner, Point, Scherbak, Puljujarvi, Hutton, Hart, Nylander and Schmaltz (Aug 13)


The Fantasy Guide was released on August 1 and has already been updated three times since. The last being August 8 when I put rookie indicators in the draft list and added UFA notes to the Guide. Buy the 13th annual Fantasy Guide here. These little August updates I do just to keep things fresh until September hits and training camps start and the real updates start flying in. Long-time readers will know that I’m all over these, you can count on me.

Mitch Marner versus Brayden Point? Wow…this one caught me completely off guard on Twitter last week when someone asked that and I found the question very odd because the answer was so obvious. But when I publicized my Tweeted response it turns out that the answer really wasn’t obvious at all. There are people there who worship at the altar of Point! Recency bias at its best right there. Sometimes fantasy owners can get completely blinded by it. Thankfully, there is me here to educate!

Before I begin, I want to make one thing absolutely clear before all the Point lovers start piling it on me. I like Point. I’ve always liked Point, I even had him ranked sixth in the Fantasy Prospects Report (the rankings for that month you can find here – June of 2016). I got emails saying I overrated him in the FPR, but I explained that he was a sure-fire NHLer, strong likelihood of scoring line, will make the NHL sooner than you think, and just a very safe keeper pick all around. (As an aside, you can see Marner at No.3 on that same list, but not my point)

Point made a big splash that season with 40 points in 68 games, and he jumped to the next level last year with 66 points. Marner made similar strides, debuting at 61 and then 69 points. A lot of poolies who don’t follow careers and trends from the age of 17 onward, but instead just see the NHL data, can fall victim to this. Point had an upside in the FPR that year of 80+ points. So there is still room for more out of him still. But right now he is perfectly on track for what I envisioned him to be – a guy who seems to have a 60-point floor, an 80-point ceiling (maybe a tad higher) on a great team. Until he hits his prime, he’s probably going to hover around 65 to 70 points. Everything he’s doing and has done so far is pointing to this. I love it when prospects follow nice trajectories like that. It leaves little doubt. At least in my OCD logical mind. And he can reach his upside with a little help from