Geek of the Week: Don’t Sleep on Jeff Petry

Scott Maran


Entering last season, the Montreal Canadiens were expected to be a playoff-bound club looking to contend for the Stanley Cup. Instead, they wound up at the bottom of the standings and were essentially a tire fire for fantasy value. However, one of the few bright spots on the team from last season was Jeff Petry, who showed plenty of offensive fantasy potential with a career season.

Drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the 2006 draft, Petry was not known for his offensive talent in the early stages of his career. In the minors he didn't stand out and through his first 295 NHL games he had only scored 74 points (.251 pts/gp). Things got slightly better when he was shipped to Montreal, but it still didn't look like Petry would ever turn into a top offensive defensemen. In his first two full seasons in Montreal Petry averaged between 25-30 points a season but by then Petry was already approaching 30 years old. Things weren't looking great for Petry to ever become a valuable fantrasy contributor.

At 30 years old though Petry finally got his chance to shine when Shea Weber went out with a foot injury. Ending the season with 42 points as one of Montreal's highest scorers, Petry provided some of the most underrated fantasy value over the course of the year. According to the Fantasy Hockey Geek tool, Petry was ranked as the 24th most valuable skater (out of an average 12-team Yahoo league measuring goals, assists, shots on goal, power play points, and hits).

Rank      Name                                    FHG Value           GP          G             A             SOG       PPP        HITS

23           Dustin Byfuglien               52                           68           8              37           191         22           147

24           Jeff Petry                             52