Ramblings: Seguin, Bergeron, Girard, Faulk, Perry, and More – August 21

Michael Clifford



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The fan vote for the top-20 wingers in the NHL might look a little odd. There’s a reason for that:


The Habs acquired Hunter Shinkaruk yesterday from the Flames in exchange for Kerby Rychel.

Both players were second-half first-round picks back in 2013. Shinkaruk has 79 points in his last 132 games in the AHL. He had 32 points in 63 games for Stockton last year. Rychel has 94 points in his last 144 games in the AHL. He had 30 points in 55 games in his last full AHL season.

If these guys weren’t first-round picks five years ago, would this be news? Maybe either gets a brief look in the NHL, especially Shinkaruk given the lack of talent throughout the bottom-6 for Montreal, but this isn’t worthy of much more ink spilled fantasy-wise.


Last week, on Friday, I posted a Ramblings featuring one player from each team that, as of that moment, I would probably be drafting more than most people. As stated in that Ramblings, a lot of it is a function of ADP and value. There may be a player from a certain team who’ll be a sixth-round pick and returns fifth-round value. That’s solid. There may also be a player from that same team who is a 16th-round pick and returns 11th-round value. That is also a good return. Both are players I’d want on my roster, but I only get to pick one, and it’ll probably be the guy in the 16th round because I imagine fewer people will target him.

It’s time for the flipside and go through players I will be avoiding. The players listed may change over the next 4-6 weeks. Role, injury, demotion, and perhaps even a trade are all factors, not to mention where their actual ADP lands. These are also just skaters (no goalies) and we’re assuming 12-team leagues using Yahoo standard format.

I’m going to do half the teams (or just over half) today and the other half in my next Ramblings. It takes more space to describe why a guy shouldn&rsquo