Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Goaltenders – Fall 2018



The top 50 prospect goaltenders to own in keeper leagues – fall, 2018 edition (yes, fall is in two weeks but calling it "summer" didn't feel right…)


I don't use the same formulas and variables used in the regular top goalie list – more emphasis should be on upside here and less emphasis on team strength (because – who knows how strong/weak the team will be by the time the prospect arrives?), and with prospects the 'ideal age' to own them should be different than the ideal age to own an established goalie. I'm also still struggling a little with the balance between a young backup goalie with a lower ceiling but is "in the show now" versus the unproven 19-year-old who has elite upside but is four years away from getting a sniff. I tweaked the formula further, emphasizing youth and upside even more while playing down the younger backup who is more of a long shot to become a starter.

One thing I noticed when it was done – no prospects drafted this past June cracked the Top 50. And while I never draft a teenaged goaltender in my keeper league (very deep league with 15 teams, full keeper, and approximately 75 goalies owned), I figure many will be curious to see where some of them land. I just don't like waiting so long on goalies when I can often draft one who surprises everyone by becoming a starter in his late 20s (zero wait time). But I digress. Several 18-year-olds made the Top 60 so I included a 'bonus 10' here so you can see them…


As always, and this is important with all my rankings lists… +/- 5.0 rating points the players are equal.

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