Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – September 2018



Here are the Top 300 skaters to own in your points-only keeper league – September edition.


This month is just tweaking the big one from last month (August was the annual full player-by-player audit). Mostly a few young players I adjusted, added some more new prospects and adjusted based on the Henrik Zetterberg and Nate Schmidt news.

As always, players within plus/minus 5.0 ratings should be considered equal and at that point become a matter of personal bias and/or team needs. Look for the Top D list tomorrow. The Top G list was posted earlier this week (here) and I also did the Top Prospect Goalies (here) and I should note that I made changes to that originally posted list and re-posted it.


Click on a player name to be taken to his sweet new fantasy hockey profile (and bookmark that section because you'll be referring to it often because it's pretty awesome)


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Sep Player Team DEF? Rating Aug Jul Change