Ramblings: No Games on Tap, Toronto’s Insane Start, Oilers on the Hot Seat, PPTOI (Oct. 13th)

Cam Robinson




To start this off, I'm extremely pleased to announce that I've accepted the position of Managing Editor with DobberProspects. The buzz surrounding the site is palpable these days. It's an exciting time. 


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I’d like to have a word with the schedule maker. 12 contests splayed across Thursday evening. 14 more will grace our presence on Saturday. But here we are, on a Friday evening with NO HOCKEY TO WATCH? Where’s the justice? Where’s the accountability? Why does it have to be on my Ramblings’ night?!


Needless to say, I’m taking this as a personal slight.


Yet, we move forward. There’s been enough action of late to dig up some goods. Starting with the sorcery that’s going on in The Big Smoke these days. We’re 10 days into the NHL season and here are your top point getters.



Notice a theme at the top? It’s the type of production that can springboard fantasy teams out to a great start. It can whip a massive fan base into a tizzy, and it’s already ruined Hockey Twitter for countless people west of the Lake Superior.


Toronto is averaging four goals per game. They’re clicking on 50 percent of their power plays. And as a team, they’re converting on 15.4 percent of their shots. Last season, the Lightning and Caps led the way with a 10.7 percent team conversion rate.


We haven&