Top 100 Keeper League Goalies – October 2018



Here is the first portion of the Top 100 goaltenders for your points-only keeper league – October edition!


I have once again put the entire Top 100 goalies list over at sister site so that you can all see that it is ready for the NHL season with the goalie grid (and also to introduce our new banner)! Please login over there and edit your email notifications (turn them off if you dont' want them, check off any teams that you do want to be notified about – it's a real savior when setting daily lineups!). The email notifications are free!

Here are the Top 30. To see the rest click here.


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Last month I did some tweaking. I had increased the values of prospect goaltenders who I consider elite, in the formula. I also penalized (further) the lifetime backup goalies with little hope of becoming a starter. I still recommend valuing goalies based on their tiers, but the ratings are a little better now (still not perfect). Because this is for points-only keepers, emphasis is on quality starts, wins, saves and shutouts both immediate and longer term.


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Goalies within the same tier should be considered equal value and at that point you should value based on personal taste or team needs. My ranking tries to separate that a bit, but each league and personality is different.


Oct 20