Geek of the Week: Now Might Be the Best Time to Acquire Max Pacioretty

Scott Maran


Across his career Max Pacioretty has always been a consistently good forward. A five-time 30-goal scorer, the former captain of the Montreal Canadiens has averaged at least 60 points in six out of his last seven seasons. He was a model of consistency and as close to a lock for 30+ goals as you could get.

But come last year, Pacioretty stumbled through most of the season. Finishing with only 37 points in 64 points, Pacioretty failed to score at least at a 50-point pace for the first time since 2010. Injuries and some bad luck played large roles in Pacioretty recording the worst statistical season of his career, which was the final nail in the coffin for the Canadiens. They shipped him out to Las Vegas over the summer, where people were hoping he could get a fresh start on a new club.

Heading into the season, Pacioretty was still projected to provide loads of value. His previous six seasons weren’t all of a sudden forgotten, and it is very likely that last year was a mere aberration, not Pacioretty’s new normal. A career 11 percent shooter, Pacioretty finished last season with the lowest shooting percentage of his career.

Even if Pacioretty had only shot his career average shooting percentage, he would have finished with six more goals and been on pace for 55 points (not amazing, but not nearly as bad as his final totals). Combined with the Canadiens struggling as a whole to score (29th most goals for in the NHL), it’s not difficult to explain what went wrong for Pacioretty.

According to our Fantasy Hockey Geek tool, at the beginning of the new season Max Pacioretty was projected to provide the 56th most value out of all NHL skaters (in an average 12-team Yahoo league measuring goals, assists, shots on goal, power-play points, and hits).



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