Release: Dobber Sports Announces New Managers


2018-10-24 and will be under new leadership. Ian Gooding has been promoted to Managing Editor of DobberHockey, while Cam Robinson has been promoted to Managing Editor of DobberProspects. Peter Harling is the Content Manager, DobberProspects.


DobberHockey is proud to put Gooding in place as the Managing Editor in place of Steve Laidlaw, who has taken on an expanded role as a firefighter that will prevent him from returning. Gooding has been an Associate Editor since the spring of 2015 when he took over from Thomas Drance. His thoughts and Ramblings have been on the website every Sunday ever since. His work in fantasy hockey can be found on multiple websites from over the years and he has been doing this for longer than most in the industry. Recently he has added Wednesdays to his portfolio on DobberHockey and you will be seeing more of him yet. Follow Ian Gooding on Twitter @ian_gooding


DobberProspects is excited to have Cam Robinson in place as the Managing Editor, while at the same time being able to convince Peter Harling to stay on as Content Manager. Harling has had some changes in his life that made building and growing DobberProspects no longer possible. What he had done over the course of two-and-a-half years was nothing short of remarkable, taking DobberProspects from 110,000 page views in September of 2016 to 266,000 page views in September of 2018. He did this with some very popular initiatives such as the 31-for-31 series, as well as many very strong and talented hires. Rather than leave us altogether, Harling has agreed to stay on and continue to put together the popular features as well as lend his expertise to scouting and reporting on upcoming draftees. You can follow Harling on Twitter @pharling

Robinson has been with DobberProspects since July of 2015, later joining DobberHockey with The Journey article every Saturday. He was promoted to junior Associate Editor for DobberProspects last year and this past summer he took on the Saturday Ramblings and coverage for DobberHockey. He also joined Harling on the floor in Dallas at the 2018 NHL Draft. You can follow Cam on Twitter @Hockey_Robinson

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