Ramblings: NHL Betting; Lightning Injuries; Offensive Pairs; Game Recaps – October 30

Michael Clifford



It leaked a few days ago that the NHL would have a big announcement on Monday, and that this announcement was likely to be related to sports betting. This was indeed the case as Gary Bettman publicised that the NHL had entered into a multi-year agreement with MGM Resorts, wherein MGM would become the official betting partner of the NHL. This includes, apparently, the NHL providing the casinos with proprietary NHL data for the casinos’ use, and this presumably means the long-awaited player tracking technology.

Personally, none of this changes anything for me other than the likelihood of NHL finally having player tracking technology. The NHL stats community has developed a lot of useful statistics, tools, and models over the last decade or so. Consider where we are now in the stats conversation compared to just five years ago, and the comparison is night and day. Player tracking, though, will help identify player movement which can help in any number of ways like proper spacing, pass sequencing, goaltender depth, pre-shot movement, and so on. It won’t be some sort of magic bullet, but the opportunities for continued understanding of the game will be plentiful. Let’s just hope this stuff is made public. 


A little bit of a shameless plug here.

This season I’m doing a hockey podcast called Tic-Tac-Tout with Adam Daly from here at Dobber and Andy MacNeil from the Vegas Stats and Information Network. While it’s a hockey podcast, we don’t really touch on season-long fantasy hockey. For that type of information, you should be listening to the Keeping Karlsson podcast.

Rather than season-long, myself and Adam will be discussing daily fantasy hockey (DraftKings, specifically) with Andy contributing his knowledge from a betting perspective. It is available on both SoundCloud and iTunes, dropping every Saturday morning for now, discussing Saturday afternoon’s and night’s games.


Word came down that Auston Matthews will miss a month with his shoulder injury. It’s the opposite shoulder from last year so that is a little bit of good news.

In the wake of this news, Kasperi Kapanen moved alongside John Tavares