Top 100 Keeper League Defensemen – November 2018



Here are the Top 100 defensemen to own in your points-only keeper league – November edition!


These rankings are for points-only leagues without an IR (so if your player misses 10 games, or is a risk to miss 10 games, you lose those seven or eight points – they can't be replaced!). Also factored – upside, three-year career-best likelihood, injury risk, team offensive strength.

As always, two players within +/- 5.0 rating points of each other should be considered equal value and become a matter of personal bias or team need.

The big one that sticks out here is Thomas Chabot. It seems odd that I would rate him ahead of Klingberg or Karlsson, since I would not trade Klingberg or Karlsson for him. Then again, if I owned Chabot (I don't, in any of my leagues)…would I trade him for Karlsson or Klingberg? I'd have to think long and hard about that one. All I know is that I plugged in his new projection for this year (70 points…for now – no way he continues his torrid 100-point pace), I bumped his upside to a shade under a point-per-game, he has zero for injury risk – and this is how things popped out. Equal to Klingberg (due to my above-mentioned +/-5.0 rule). I think in due time things will settle in for Chabot as we get a true feel of what he can do and what he is going to do. I suspect he'll dip down 10 or 15 spots over the next month or two, then back up a dozen, back down five or six again, and so on until he settles at the correct ranking. Right now, try tearing Chabot off of his keeper league owner – I don't believe it is possible (even for Burns).


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Def Rk Player Team Rating Nov Oct Change
1 Brent Burns SJS 108.6 41 48 7