Eastern Edge – Reviewing This Season’s Recommendations

Cam Metz



It’s been quite the season for goalies thus far – I suppose you should have headed the notion that goalies do not matter?  For those of us who avoided Matt Murray, Tuukka Rask, Carey Price, Cory Schneider, it is wheels up for those poolies!

Since this is the sixth week of the season I thought it would be worth going back over some previous articles to see if anything I have said thus far has any validity.  Also I’m wondering if players who seemed to be playing above their heads have continued their hot play.   As always I’ll dig into a couple players of interest.


Week 1 takes:

  • Morgan Rielly who I own in a 14-team league as my fifth defenseman (Positional scarcity!)  has been lights out this year, so far he has also fired one more puck on net per game.  Rielly is probably the only piece of the Leafs PP that you could potentially get without sacrificing the core of your team.  It’s going to be a career year for Rielly, pull whatever levers you need to get him on your team.  The experts all offseason had Rielly plugged in as a value play compared to his ADP and so far this season he’s exceeding all expectations.

Rielly has continued his lights out play – he’s on pace for 101 points which will obviously come down.  He’s shooting at 13% so that will be the category where his points pace with decline.  What is great news for the Rielly owners is that has IPP sits at 58% which is higher than his career average but absolutely reasonable given the squad he is on.  His assist rate could come down a little if the team at 5v5 doesn’t continue to shoot at a high rate but that’s not an immediate bet I would take against this Toronto squad.  Trade for Rielly if you think you can convince an owner they are selling high.


  • Cam Atkinson and Anders Lee are firing at will compared to the last three years on the power play.  Another player hyped for an increase in total points is on the PP SOG list – Dylan Larkin.


All three of these guys have been on absolute fire.  Their shot on goals pace along with their production are the reason a lot of experts had these guys pegged as great value opportunities at the draft table.  Unfortunately I missed out on all three guys but there’s always a chance a trade can be swung!