Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Defensemen – November 2018



As always, players within +/- 5.0 ratings points of each other should be considered approximate equal value and at that point become a matter of team need (wait time vs. upside) or personal bias (you simply like the guy better).


Please comment on players I may have missed in the section below. The template tracks over 250 defensemen and I added a few this month, but there are bound to be a couple of misses. At the bottom are this month's graduating players (players I deem as out of the minors for good, simple as that with no rigid hard/fast rule).


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Nov 10 Prospect Team age type Oct 10 Sep 10
1 Rasmus Dahlin BUF d 90.4 1 1
2 Henri Jokiharju CHI d 74.2 5 12