Fantasy Impact: Stars Trade Devin Shore to Anaheim for Andrew Cogliano




Fantasy Impact: The Dallas Stars have traded center Devin Shore to the Anaheim Ducks for veteran winger Andrew Cogliano in a rare straight-up, no picks/no salary fluff, hockey trade.


The Stars get: A veteran winger with playoff experience, speed and a great work ethic. Could be what the doctor ordered for this inconsistent team.


The Ducks get: A 24-year-old who already has 209 games under his belt. he's been a successful third-line checker who consistently posts in the 32-to 33-point range, and he can play left wing as well as center (and has been for the majority of this season). One thing the Stars missed is the fact that Shore enters his fourth NHL season in the fall – the Ducks may have grabbed him just in time. Not that his upside is massive, but maybe as a breakout he reaches 50 points.


The Ducks have lost 11 games in a row. The Stars have been frustratingly inconsistent. Both are on the bubble in terms of playoff hopes.


Fantasy Players Impacted: From a high level, we're talking about a third-liner/sometimes second-liner traded straight up for a third-liner/sometimes second-liner. Both players have had bouts of scoring and bouts of nothingness. Both players have been tried with star linemates and plugger linemates. So as far as line juggling is concerned, it's going to be pretty seamless. However, both Shore and Coglaino get to enjoy the "new team adrenalin" that newly-traded players tend to get for three or four games, so you may see something there. Also, Jakob Silfverberg has always played with Cogliano. Perhaps the chemistry will be different with Shore and it wakes up both Silfverberg and Ryan Kesler.

In Dallas, early on Shore was a bigger part of the power play (in presence, not in results) but his PP time has dwindled over the past month and so his leaving the team doesn't suddenly inject a ton of PP time into another player.

Overall, a very minor move in terms of fantasy impact.


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Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Shore

2. Cogliano

3. Silfverberg/Kesler


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order: