Fantasy Impact: Maple Leafs Ship Par Lindholm to the Jets for Nic Petan




Fantasy Impact: The Winnipeg Jets have traded prospect winger Nicolas Petan to the Toronto Maple Leafs for rookie checking forward Par Lindholm.


The Leafs get: a high-scoring winger at other levels, but at the NHL level the organization's other high-end players seized their roster spots before he could get there. This year, because he has to clear waivers to be sent down, he has been stagnant. He's spent a lot of time in the press box and on a depth line.

The Jets get: a decent scoring player over in Europe, but his NHL game has translated to that of a checker. Lindholm has been solid at the faceoff circle (50.9%), a secondary PK asset (36.4% of team's available PK time) and he has almost exclusively taken draws in his own end. He does lose possession in that role and faces the lesser opposition lines.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Normally we wouldn't break this deal down because it involves a checking-line player and a prospect depth forward. But because I singled out Petan as a player to watch in today's Ramblings, I felt that a breakdown and analysis was needed. Petan going to any of a dozen teams would have been a pretty huge boon. Could you imagine Ottawa, where he would be put in the top six right away? They're trying all the kids there, so Petan would be there for sure. But Toronto is different. On one hand, Petan should be brought along right. The Leafs called up Trevor Moore because they felt he could replace Lindholm on the fourth line – and then GM Kyle Dubas added Petan because he thinks he can be molded into something good for next year. He specifically mentioned 'player retention' as his reason for doing the deal (Lindholm would be an unrestricted free agent int he summer). So he wants to keep Petan. He's good scoring depth if a player gets hurt this year, and maybe he can make a mark next season. Long term, this move will help Petan, if only a little. But there are a good 20 teams that I'm sure he would rather have gone to and could have benefited more.

Adding Lindholm is another hit against Mason Appleton, who also lost ground when the team added Kevin Hayes earlier. Even if Appleton maintains his spot on the depth chart, you have to think that Lindholm will get into some games and that will be at the expense of Appleton.


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