Capped: Reviewing Hits and Misses from this Season – Part 1

Alexander MacLean



With regards to regular season fantasy pools, we are now in the review period, where we look back on the 2018-2019 season, and try to make sense of it all. Let’s quickly run through the list of all 62 players I featured last summer, and then we can try to draw a few conclusions once we complete the review. We’ll cover half this week, and half next week.

I’m going to try to group the recommendations into a hit, a miss, or a pass (generally neutral outcome).



Winnipeg Jets

Dustin Byfuglien (Buy): Byfuglien may have been a solid buy if he hadn’t been injured for half of the season. Tough to really evaluate as a result. He has looked good in the last two playoff games I have seen though, so maybe there’s a discount to be found this summer. Pass.


Adam Lowry (Sell): Lowry scored only two points more than he did last season, while playing 33 more games. His power play time and overall minutes were both down. He’s being passed by all the young talent. Hit.


Washington Capitals

Braden Holtby (Buy): Holtby had a bit of a bounce back over last year, especially if you take out his first quarter. That should have been expected and should be accounted for next year. Late hit.


John Carlson (Sell): Carlson managed to outpoint last year’s career high by four points, in two less games. His plus 21 offsets the drop of 50 shots. He lived up to the $8 million price tag. Miss.


Vegas Golden Knights

Alex Tuch (Buy): Despite being shifted down the lineup after the trade deadline, we saw continued growth from Tuch, as he looks to prove his scoring touch is real. He also signed a team-friendly deal during the season. Hit.


Paul Stastny (Sell): Based on points per game, this was Stastny’s third-best season of his career. A 69-point pace for a $6.5 million AAV is fair value. Pass.


Vancouver Canucks

Bo Horvat (Buy): Dude is a stud. Continue to buy. Hit.


Alex Edler (Sell): Edler matched his 34 points from last season, playing in 14 fewer games. Had there been anyone else on the back-end in Vancouver that could have taken over the power play, Edler would not have had the season he did. As they say, someone has to score on a bad team. Next year he may even be making less. Miss.


Toronto Maple Leafs