Top 10 worst peripheral defensemen 2019

Tom Collins



A lot of attention is paid to defensemen in fantasy leagues that can help contribute to peripheral categories. And with good reason. It’s these guys who will lead your squad to victory thanks to blocked shots, hits, PIM and shots. It’s why Dustin Byfuglien and Kris Letang are drafted so high: Their ability to contribute in so many categories.

However, there are plenty of defensemen that hurt your team more than help it. If you’re going to draft a 40-point defenseman, he better be helping your squad elsewhere. In my mind, you want a defenseman that is going to get you at least 150 shots, 100 hits, 100 blocked shots and 50 PIM in two or more of those categories.

Below are 10 players that that are routinely drafted that don’t give you much help outside of points. To meet the criteria for this list, we’re only looking at defensemen who don’t contribute in three of the following four categories and have less than 100 blocked shots, 100 hits, 150 shots and 50 PIM. I know there’s been a movement in leagues to move away from PIM, but there are still plenty of leagues who count the stat. I’m in three leagues that count peripheral statistics, and PIMs are still in use in two of them.


10. TJ Brodie

Brodie’s had an interesting career fantasy arc. He posted back-to-back 40-point seasons a few years ago, and all of a sudden, he became a sought-after fantasy hockey player. Since then, he’s come back down to earth, and he’s really not someone you can even take a chance on drafting. Just look at his peripherals: 24 PIM, 102 shots, 21 hits and 86 blocked shots. If 30-point defensemen are replaceable, where exactly is Brodie helping your fantasy squad?


9. John Klingberg

Klingberg has never been able to put up good peripheral numbers. Just look at his five years in the league:

2014-15: 32 PIM, 98 shots, 54 hits and 77 blocked shots

2015-16: 30 PIM, 171 shots, 44 hits and 68 blocked shots

2016-17: 34 PIM, 124 shots, 42 hits and 117 blocked shots

2017-18: 26 PIM, 204 shots, 44 hits and 109 blocked shots

2018-19: 12 PIM, 153 shots, 42 hits and 77 blocked shots

There’s only been one season (2017-18) where he was above the minimum fo