Ramblings: Jeff Skinner Has a New Contract

Michael Clifford



Last Friday, the Buffalo Sabres announced that winger Jeff Skinner had signed an eight-year extension carrying an average annual value of $9-million. Naturally, there was a little bit of hubbub when this was announced.

Let’s take a look at Skinner and his value step by step. This isn’t directly fantasy-related and I do apologize for that but I feel the need to offer the other side of the coin here. It is a good exercise in trying to account for context however, and that is very important for fantasy.

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Goal Scoring

Since entering the league, the diminutive winger is tied for 13th in goals league wide with 244. The list of names ahead of him include the most elite offensive players in hockey and some future Hall of Famers like Malkin, Crosby, and Kane. They also include wingers who scored about as often as he did in Jamie Benn (259) and Corey Perry (254). But that doesn’t really do him justice because of both the team he was playing for and the minutes he played. For example, Steven Stamkos played 225 more minutes than Skinner over those nine seasons despite 76 fewer games played. That is nearly an extra season’s worth of ice time for Stamkos over Skinner in those nine years. Now, Stamkos is clearly the more valuable player overall, but Skinner scored 143 goals at five-on-five over his eight years in Carolina. The next two highest scorers for Carolina – Eric Staal and Jiri Tlusty (seriously) – combined for 134. In those eight seasons, Skinner was tied for 6th league-wide in goals/60 at five-on-five, trailing only Stamkos, Rick Nash, Vladimir Tarasenko, Evgeni Malkin, and