Geek of the Week: How Much Petrol Is Left in Petro’s Tank?

Mike Zacour


Big congratulations to the St. Louis Blues and their fan base as the first Stanley Cup has been a long time coming. 

It seems fitting that for our very first defensemen we are going to focus on the man that scored the Stanley Cup-winning goal: Alex Pietrangelo.

Pietrangelo was born in King City, Ontario, and turned 29 in January.  He was drafted fourth overall by the Blues in the 2008 NHL entry draft. 

This was the same draft that saw Drew Doughty off the board second overall followed by Erik Karlsson at 15th and John Carlson at 27th.  It was a deep draft as far as defensemen were concerned.  In fact, four of the top five picks in 2008 were defensemen and 11 defensemen were drafted before Carlson. The Atlanta Thrashers may want a redo on Zach Bogosian at third overall.

Admittedly, Pietrangelo’s age was a tad surprising. It feels like he’s been around forever and that he ought to be older than 29.  Perhaps it’s because he’s always played for the same team while logging big minutes.  Maybe it’s because we’ve seen multiple iterations of the St. Louis Blues over the past decade and he has been the consistent back end anchor.  Can’t quite put a finger on it, but it feels like he should be well into his 30s by now. 

Pietrangelo is heading into the final season of his seven-year contract with a $6.5 million cap hit.  This is one of those contracts that probably looked like a lot of money at the time he signed, but it has aged extremely well.

He has a full no trade clause and there is no reason to expect him to be anywhere but Missouri next year.  Cap leaguers should probably be expecting a raise come 2020-21.

Pietrangelo scored 41 points this season over 71 games, which equates to a 47-point pace.  He had 13 goals, making this the third season in a row that he’s posted double-digit goal totals. 

His shooting percentage was 7.7% and he’s averaged 7.4% over the past three seasons.  It’s a bit high for a defensemen, but Pietrangelo has shown he’s capable of maintaining that conversion rate.

With a standard Yahoo head-to-head points scoring format (private leagues only) we can see where Pietrangelo ranked amongst defensemen this season using the Fantasy Hockey Geek tool: