Ramblings: Edler signs; updates on Callahan and Johns; draft day – June 21

Michael Clifford



We can take another potential free agent off the board as Alex Edler signed a two-year, $12-million extension with Vancouver. The 33-year old blue liner had 34 points in 56 games last year with the Canucks.

Obviously, injuries are the concern. He’s averaged 64 games per season since the 2013 lockout year and has missed at least 12 games in four straight seasons. When he’s on the ice, he can be a decent second-pair guy who is very good on the power play. That’s probably worth $6-million a season on a short-term deal. It’s just a question of whether he can stay on the ice for 75 games.

This also probably holds back some of the kids from having a real extended look at the top PP unit. Until the eventual injury bug, anyway.


Ryan Callahan has been diagnosed with a degenerative back condition and will be put on LTIR by the Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m not going to speculate on anything further until we get more clarification from him or the team, but that’s $5.8M added to the upper limit of Tampa's cap. 


Kevin Hayes recently signed a seven-year deal with the Flyers with an average annual value of $7.14M. When the Flyers initially traded for his rights, the guy I brought up as a comparable was Brock Nelson, who had himself recently signed a six-year deal with an AAV of $6M. I said Hayes would get more, and he did.

Philly needed a true 2C and the centre market this summer is thin unless you’re targeting Matt Duchene. It was either Hayes, or trade one of your top prospects and/or young defencemen to do it. A question brought up by Cam in his Ramblings on Wednesday was a good one, which he reiterated in his column on the signing: what does this mean for Nolan Patrick?

To me, this means Patrick is the 3C in Philly for the near-term. Patrick’s first two years in the NHL haven’t been bad, but he’s been about an average NHLer. For a guy in his age-19 and age-20 seasons, that’s fine. But they need him to be better now and this is insurance in case he isn’t. Probably not great news for dynasty owners.


A couple days ago at The Athletic, Stars beat writer Sean Shapiro got an