Ramblings: Ferland in Vancouver; Heinen and Iafallo sign; Jokiharju and Nylander – July 10

Michael Clifford



A very cool development in the fantasy hockey world.

The National Fantasy Hockey Championship, or NFHC, launched on Wednesday. It comes as a sister site for the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC), National Fantasy Basketball Championship (NFBBC), and the National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC).

In a nutshell, they’re high-stakes fantasy leagues. I’ve taken part in a couple NFBC leagues on the cheaper end that were $150 USD to buy in. The higher buy-in levels are five figures. Whether that’s the level the NFHC gets to or not, we’ll see. I doubt it will just because of the size of fantasy hockey relative to other fantasy sports, but this is exciting nonetheless.

Who’s interested?


The Vancouver Canucks continue their offseason of acquisitions by adding Micheal Ferland to their roster. The terms disclosed in that tweet are four years with an average annual value of $3.5M.

You can read Cam’s take on the signing here.

Aside from whatever adjective people want to use to describe his intangibles, it’s important to know that Ferland is a passenger, not a driver. There are things he does well, particularly once the puck is in the offensive zone, but he’s not a guy to start a play, he’s not a guy to lead the transition, and he’s not a guy who can play lock-down defence.

And that’s fine! Not every good player in the NHL is a play-driver. Until recent seasons, Wayne Simmonds, for example, had been a very good NHLer without being that guy. But it also means Ferland absolutely needs to play in the top-6, preferably with