How did each team do on July 1st – Finishing up last week’s monster Ramblings (July 15)



Last week I stopped at Montreal. I had already gone half again as long as I usually do in the Ramblings. Let’s finish up the teams this week.

First off, an adjustment. A further adjustment. I started off Monday with Chicago being graded an A- when I was reminded of their acquisition of Andrew Shaw. A Band-Aid Boy coming off a career season where all the advanced stats point to fantastic puck luck and over-achievement. So while he fits their team needs and was a justifiable hockey move, from a business standpoint I busted their grade down two slots to a ‘B’. This past week they traded a very good prospect defenseman for a very good prospect forward. Now, we know from recent history that a defenseman is valued much higher than a forward. You see it time and again. So is Alex Nylander a better forward than Henri Jokiharju is a defenseman? Well, no. And in fact, Nylander doesn’t even fill a team need. He’ll just be battling with Dominik Kubalik, Anton Wedin, Dylan Sikura and probably David Kampf for the same roster spot. And that’s not even considering Aleksi Saarela. I don’t like the move and if I had a chance to re-grade Stan Bowman a second time, he slips to a C+ for his July 1st (or thereabouts) moves.

Now let’s get started.

(Part 1 here)


Nashville C-

As their hired consultant, I would have advised against signing Matt Duchene. He is precisely the reason why I have a philosophy of only pursuing elite free agents every July 1. Duchene does fill a need, even if he’s a 60-point, second-line center. Which he is. He was in a contract season in 2013-14 and he hit 70 points for the first time. Then he signed his big contract and went four seasons with – at most – 59 points. And then it was another contract year and wouldn’t you know it? Another 70 points. Now