Frozen Tools Forensics: Deep league targets

Grant Campbell



There are many different formats for keeper pools, so I will focus this column on the format I know: a 26-team salary cap keeper pool with 27 players on each roster (20 active and seven in reserve). Currently, at 672 players, it is probably deeper than the majority of keeper pools, so many of these players won’t be an issue in most leagues.

Our pool has an average salary of $2.8 million with an average of 145 fantasy points (I won’t detail the point structure other than to say it doesn’t include hits or blocked shots) and 2.31 fantasy points per game for players. Broken down by position, the following is derived from information available from the pool’s host site, Fantrax :


Goalies: Average fantasy points are 181 with 4.62 fantasy points per game based on 71 goalies.

Defence: Average fantasy points are 125 with 1.80 fantasy points per game based on 204 players.

Forwards: Average fantasy points are 137 with 1.97 fantasy points per game based on 407 players.


Our league is capped at nine defencemen and three goalies with a minimum of five defence and two goalies.

We will look at some of the players that are on the bubble in our pool, but all we are really concerned about is whether each of these players going forward will be worth their salary and will meet or exceed the average or replacement value.

I did say our pool was deep….


Ron Hainsey

Hainsey actually had 251 fantasy points last season, which puts him at the top of this list. At 38 years of age and with a new team in Ottawa that won’t be nearly as strong as Toronto, he is in for a regression. He won’t be paired with Morgan Rielly over 78 percent of the time anymore, and the biggest categorical hit should be his plus/minus. He signed a one-year deal with Ottawa for $3.5 million and this could be too expensive for most owners to carry for someone who will struggle to exceed the replacement value available next season.


Craig Anderson

Anderson is another 38-year-old with one year left on a deal that pays him $4 million. He had 218 fantasy points with the goalie average being 181 in 2018-2019. One of the tough questions owners have to ask themselves is whether to add a player like Anderson or carry a prospect like