Wild West Summer Series 2019: Los Angeles

Chris Kane



Welcome to week eight of our summer series. Like last season, this series is intended to take a look at the teams in the Western Conference one by one. We will do a short recap of what took place, but the deep dive here will be into the players that helped make it so, for better or worse. We will be taking a look at a few players who out or under performed their expectations and be considering whether this performance might just be the new normal.


And now for the technical details. We will be using the Fantasy Hockey Geek tool to get a ranking that combines all of a player’s stats for the searched categories. These ranks are based on a 12 team, head-to-head league, using the categories of goals, assists, power-play points, shots, hits and blocks for forwards/defensemen and wins, saves, save percentage and goals against average for goalies. The idea is to compare this ranking with an expected ranking based on the average draft positions from the start of the year. This process does not necessarily identify who was the most important player to each team but gives us not only an idea of who was a steal/bust on draft day, but where each player was valued going into this season. Player eligibility for this series is based on Yahoo, and draft ranks are based on average draft positions compiled from Yahoo, ESPN and CBS by FantasyPros.


This week: LA



The Kings finished the 2018-19 season in last place in the West with 71 points. In fact the only team to end up with fewer points was the Ottawa Senators. Ilya Kovalchuk returning to the NHL was supposed to be a spark for the beleaguered offense, but as we will see later that didn’t pan out. There was also some difficulty in goal, but we will get to that too. Overall it was a forgettable season, but with minimal movement so far in the off season, it appears that management is betting on a rebound from this aging cast.



Jack Campbell:

Campbell wasn’t drafted in any league that we had data for in 2018-19. By the end of the season he was the 146th ranked player, ahead of guys like Jake Allen, Semyon Varlamov, and Henrik Lundqvist





FHG Rank

Petr Mrazek