Ramblings: Fenton Out, Callahan on the Move, & More Rookie Projections (July 31)

Cam Robinson



Did anybody ever have a strong understanding of what the Minnesota Wild have been doing lately? I sure didn’t, and it appears ownership felt the same way. Tuesday marked the end of Paul Fenton’s 14-month tenure as the club’s General Manager. The short duration was not one without incident. 


It all began when Fenton and company selected Swedish defender 24th overall at the 2018 draft – leaving A LOT of talent on the board. Sprinkle in a disastrous trade of Nino Niederreiter for Victor Rask. Missing the playoffs. Two failed attempts at trading Jason Zucker (with arguably poor returns). Signing soon-to-be 32-year-old Mats Zuccarello to a five-year term, and a rash of odd quotes. 


I’m cool with ownership cutting bait on what was clearly a poor decision, but why not just do it at the end of the season? Giving Fenton the reins throughout the draft and free agency seems like a poor decision. Perhaps his UFA signings and inability to move Zucker were the final blows, but some forethought is needed. 


Anyways, Fenton’s gone. A new GM spot is available, and my phone line is wiiide open. 



Tampa Bay has continued its pursuit of cap space to maintain its disgustingly impressive core. Monday saw the team give Andrei Vasilevskiy 9.5M for eight seasons. A deal that doesn’t kick in for another year. Quickly on that, I think Vas is a premier goaltender – especially in fantasy. Mostly because of the mass amount of wins he’ll rack up in TBay. However, I don’t love the Lightning to ponying up that much cap space on a netminder. 



Call me crazy, but how many fewer wins would say, Jacob M