Ramblings: Marner Cap Situation, Ekman-Larsson, B. Tkachuk (Aug 5)

Ian Gooding


Hey, it’s Ian again, filling in for Dobber, who needs some time to decompress after pumping out another Fantasy Guide.

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Pete Blackburn from CBS Sports (via Cap Friendly) broke down the cap situation for the Leafs following the David Clarkson trade in an easy-to-follow way. I know the trade happened over a week ago, but I wanted to bring it up to explain the scenarios in which Mitch Marner can be signed. I mentioned yesterday that the Leafs need to create more cap space to sign Marner. There were a couple of responses on Facebook that seemed to imply that the Leafs only need to move Clarkson and Nathan Horton to LTIR and that’s it. That might be generally true, but my larger point was that Marner (and other big-name RFAs) probably won’t be signed anytime soon, which could affect fantasy drafts if this carries all the way to training camp. To put it another way, a Marner contract could be expedited if the Leafs find a way to move more salary.

One option would be for the Leafs to go as high as a cap hit of $92,050,000, then move Horton and Clarkson to LTIR to cover the $10.55 million overage on the league’s salary cap. This would give them $9.815 million in cap space for Marner. Personally, I think it’s going to take $10 million to sign Marner. Maybe I’m wrong and Marner takes one for the team and signs at no more than $9.8 million and everyone lives happily ever after in Leafland. If not, the Leafs will need to find a way to move more cap space if they want to sign Marner before the season.

A second option would be for the Leafs to wait until the start of the season to move Clarkson and Horton to LTIR, then sign Marner. Once they are moved, then the Leafs have $10.55 million to potentially sign Marner, which would give them a bit more breathing room (and give Marner his $10 mil if that’s what he so desires). In order for that scenario to work, the Leafs could not be anywhere above the $81.5 million ceiling and would thus need to shed another $800,000. I think that’s what’s going to happen here. If it does, then I wonder how far