Top 100 Keeper League Fantasy Goalies – July/August 2019



Here are the Top 100 goaltenders to own in your keeper leagues – July/August edition!


Being knee-deep working on the Fantasy Guide on July 20, these monthly rankings were pushed aside by a couple of weeks. You can pick up the Fantasy Guide here (includes screen shots and a chance at winning a free Google Home).

Here are this month's Top 100 Goalie Rankings. Adjustments were made based on new teams, as well as uploading actual projected wins from the Fantasy Guide for the coming season for each goalie. The results are as below. Because goalies are the most difficult position to gauge, and they can swing wildly in value very quickly, I generally just go out two seasons for them. If you start ranking a Top 15 list of goalies three seasons ahead, you may find that 10 of those goalies have zero value by the time that season actually arrives.

In keeper leagues, a reliable goaltender who can get you 30 wins and give you that comfortable feeling that he will give you 30 wins again next year and the year after that – well, that's gold. Which is why our Top 2 goaltenders are in a Tier of their own (Tier 0). 

Because of the volatility of goaltenders, I only go by Tiers when dealing with them (be it at the draft table or in trade talks). One Tier 1 goalie is as good as another. Which is why I will be fine swapping Tier 1 goalies with another GM as long as I can gain in the other components of the deal.

So go by Tiers, and not by rankings. I left the rankings in there because we all just like to see an order. It provides comfort. Maybe? I don't know, it's splitting hairs to me. I just look at Tiers. You should too.


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This week I will have the other rankings up. Watch for them!


July 20 Goalie Team Rating Jun 20 Tier
1 Andre