Ramblings: Hughes; Buchnevich; Schwartz; Bobrovsky, and more – August 9

Michael Clifford



I know it doesn’t feel like it, but fantasy hockey draft season begins in just a few short weeks. It’s just a little over three weeks until September and the long weekend, and then it’s full steam ahead.

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The Sharks signed the recently-acquired Trevor Carrick for two years. It’s a two-way contract for both years so it doesn’t seem as though he’ll figure heavily into their future plans, though we’ll see.


Yesterday’s Ramblings saw a discussion of players who should be a good value at the draft table next month largely because of a lack of digital ink being spilled in their cause. Offseason narratives and storylines can drive up ADP, but a lack of digital ink being spilled can suppress ADP.

Today, it’s probably worth discussing the other side, or the players who’ve been discussed a lot this offseason. Again, I think I have a good pulse on who is getting covered via articles, blog posts, and podcasts, and who is not. Maybe I’ve missed on a few players, so don’t be afraid to hit up the comments and let us know.

Here are some players whose ADP will likely be inflated because of the discussion surrounding them this offseason.

(Note: a lot of these will be younger players, as is often the case.)


Sergei Bobrovsky, G-FLA

One thing we need to remember about Florida: this wasn’t a good defensive team last year. Their expected goals against per 60 minutes at 5v5 (2.35) was in the same neighbourhood as teams like Pittsburgh (2.32), New Jersey (2.35), Philadelphia (2.36), and Edmonton (2.38). One reason for that is they allowed a lot more shots than average from the mid-slot area, or one of the most dangerous areas of the ice. That’s something they’ll want to tidy.

The rationale that including him on this list makes me nervous is that when I look around the league, there aren’t a lot of goalies that can be pegged for at least 60 starts. As long as Bobrovsky is healthy and not atrocious, he should pass 60 starts. Getting that level of starts from a team with a lot of offensive ability can lead to a lot of wins in the fantasy game. <