Ramblings: Hughes for Kakko Trade, Scheifele, Gallagher (Aug 10)

Ian Gooding


There isn’t a lot of hockey going on in the dead of summer, but those looking to get their hockey fix can follow both the World Junior Summer Showcase (for under-20s) and the Hlinka Gretzky Cup (for under-18s). If you need to catch up, Tony Ferrari has plenty of details for both in his Friday Prospect Ramblings.

On Friday, Cole Perfetti led Canada into the Hlinka Gretzky final with two goals in the game plus three shootout goals. You can watch these over at TSN. You can also view 2020 draft prospect Perfetti’s profile over at Dobber Prospects.


With the lack of real hockey news at this time of year, I’ll turn your attention to one of my fantasy leagues. Many keeper leagues administer an “entry draft”, where draft-eligible players can be chosen by teams, either in reverse order of the standings or some form of draft lottery. Last summer our league voted for a draft lottery tournament in which the non-playoff teams would battle it out in actual head-to-head matches for draft order ranking. So this was the first draft following a draft lottery tournament. 

The entry draft for this league started today, but there was an interesting twist right before the draft started. The teams holding the first and second overall picks decided to swap picks. You might be wondering what the price of obtaining the first overall pick would be in case you are trying to acquire it for yourself, so this trade might give you some sort of idea.

Before I do, I wrote a decision-making guideline on choosing between Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko. I know both owners fairly well, and they both brought up points that I had listed here earlier about why they had made the trade. I consider both owners to be friends, and they’ve both given their blessing on me writing about this trade here. Hopefully we are still friends after this analysis, although I don’t think I’m being too critical of either owner here.

The owner holding the second overall pick wanted Hughes, so he seemed to be the one to initiate the trade. He is admittedly a Devils fan, which can add some obvious bias. However, he told me that he had projected that Hughes would be the better player, giving me his point totals on both players for both this season and in three years. I don’t necessarily disagree with his numbers. After all, the team that acquires the best player almost always wins a trade.

The owner that gave up the first overall pick seemed a little more undecided as to who to pick first overall and seemed happy with receiving either