Ramblings: The Lowdown on Kase, Hinostroza, Andersson, Dubois, Heiskanen, Athanasiou and five other players of fantasy interest (Aug 12)



Ramblings: The Lowdown on Kase, Hinostroza, Andersson, Dubois, Heiskanen, Athanasiou and four other players of fantasy interest (Aug 12)


The Fantasy Guide is out! Already a couple of updates have been put in place, last update was August 7. Typos (not many, but some) fixed, Kevin Shattenkirk now on Tampa, and oh I added player ages to the draft list.

In the Fantasy Guide I have a “Lowdown” in each team section, giving my thoughts on a player and going a little deeper. For these players, I turned to the members of the Forum for help. They voted on the player for each team. Well. If there’s a winner, then there is also a runner-up, right? And that means that a lot of people voted for said runner-up. Which tells me that many of you want my thoughts on those players too. So why not present them here? It’s the dog days of the offseason, topics are hard to come by – it only makes sense!

Okay, consider it done. Here are “Lowdowns” for some of the players who finished second in the voting…


The Lowdown on Ondrej Kase: The 23-year-old has surprised me in that he has shown a lot more offensive talent that I thought he had in him. Then again, as a seventh-round draft pick he’s made a habit of surprising people. With 31 goals in his last 96 games, it’s natural to want to take a look at his S% to determine if he’s overstating himself. But at 12%, that seems to be in line (or close enough to it) with what he’s been doing at other levels. And at 149 games played, he hits that sweet breakout threshold (BT) in about 51 games – which is down the stretch of this coming season (and right in that sweet spot for fantasy playoffs). It will be 2020-21 when he really has that breakout. However, Kase is a fragile player. Just two-plus NHL seasons and he’s already had two concussions, a shoulder injury, and an upper-body injury. Until he proves otherwise, you have to treat him like a 65-game player. But he has 35-goal talent and he’s seeing increasing power-play time, which is pretty valuable for leagues that have an IR.


The Lowdown on Vinnie Hinostroza: This could end up being an unfortunate case of being too good in other areas, which may act as a drag on his eventual offensive production. Unless Vinnie can bring his offense up to the level of a