Eastern Edge: Goalie tiers for this fantasy hockey season

Brennan Des



Goalies can be extremely unpredictable in fantasy hockey, so it’s a waste of time to make specific estimations of their performance. Rather, it makes much more sense to establish general groupings that help you see how one goalie’s fantasy value compares to his counterparts. This week I’ll be grouping share some thoughts about goaltending in the Eastern Conference as I create my own goalie tiers.


Tier 1

Andrei VasilevskiyIncredibly talented goalie playing behind the best roster in the NHL. I think most would agree that Vasilevskiy is expected to be the most valuable fantasy hockey goalie this season.


Frederik AndersenY’know that narrative of the Leafs being all offense and no defense? I feel like that’s a little outdated. Morgan Rielly, Jake Muzzin and Tyson Barrie represent solid options on the team’s top two defensive lines. Toronto has a plethora of young talent on the blue line as Rasmus Sandin and Travis Dermott (when he returns from injury) should effectively round out the defensive corps. I don’t even need to mention the team’s offense as you already know that’s world class – which should help Andersen register a few more wins than his fellow netminders. Quality of his team aside, I think there’s something to be said about how consistent Andersen has been throughout his career. Over the past four seasons he has posted save percentages of 0.919, 0.918, 0.918 and 0.917. He’s an excellent goalie on an excellent team – which is hard to find in today’s NHL.


Tier 2

Sergei BobrovskyI really wanted to put Bob in Tier 1, but I’m not completely sold on Florida’s defense – I think it’s a downgrade from Columbus’s. With that being said, Florida’s offense is outstanding and Bobrovsky is capable of being an elite goaltender, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end the year as a top goalie. Just be wary of Bobrovsky’s fan