Feature: 15 Fearless Forecasts for the 2019-20 Season

Rick Roos



The beginning of the regular season brings with it hopes and dreams of fantasy championships. It’s also when prognosticators like me make predictions for the upcoming season. After 2017-18 where I had some success and near misses, I proceeded to take a step backwards last season. Can I right my ship with my forecasts for 2019-20? Time will tell.


As usual, before I get to the actual predictions, I’ll add my disclaimer that these are termed “Fearless Forecasts” for a reason since they’re meant to be plausible but also bolder than more traditional predictions. The good news is no matter how many of these end up correct, you’ll still benefit by reading them, as each includes information and logic to help you in making key decisions in your leagues. Okay, enough build up – onto what you came here to see……..the 15 forecasts!


1) Matt Dumba will lead the Wild in scoring


Already low expectations for next season in Minnesota didn’t get a boost when the marquee addition they made this summer was signing Mats Zuccarello to a five year, $30M contract, which means the team’s arguably four best forwards all will be age 32+ this season. If that wasn’t enough, the Wild were one of only four teams last season (the Canadiens, Islanders, and Knights being the other three) which didn’t have any forward average either 19:00 of overall TOI or 3:00 of PP TOI per game in 2018-19. Not surprisingly, other than Max Domi for the Canadiens no forward on any of these four teams topped 62 points. And new GM Bill Guerin isn’t going to help these problems for the Wild, at least not right away.