Wild West: Drop or Not: Johansson, Meier, Klingberg and some Blackhawks

Chris Kane



In the course of planning the usual Drop or Not section for this week, there were just a few too many players to talk about. So as not to exclude, this week’s article will focus on a number of those players and particularly those who have not been performing up to expectations in recent weeks (or all-season in some cases). So without further ado…


Drop or Not?


Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Alex DeBrincat:

So one of the downsides of planning on Sunday is that there are often games played on Sunday. And of course, all of the named players above put up points. Even so, adding a point or two is not enough to change the full picture yet.


Starting with Kane: His full-season pace is reasonable at 12 points in 13 games. That amounts to about a 75-point pace, which is still a significant drop from his 110 point season in 2018-19. The full season pace also masks the recent dry spell of four points in his last seven games (it was two over his last six before Sunday’s game). Kane did not have a stretch like this in all of 2018-19. A couple of other interesting notes here. His personal shooting percentage is a bit low and is team five on five shooting percentage is quite low. Those two together certainly imply that there should be more goals scored when he is on the ice. Unfortunately (and rather impressively) Kane’s IPP is at 100%, meaning he has gotten a point on every single goal that has been scored while he is on the ice. That number won’t continue. So if that falls, but more goals are scored, he evens out? That wouldn’t be great news for Kane owners since they were certainly hoping for more than a 75-point season. There is an additional worry as Kane does have a recent history of lower producing seasons, put up 76 points in 2017-18 before exploding again in 2018-19. The good news is that he is playing more than his last 76-point season, but is down a minute and a half in total ice from 2019-20 and about 30 seconds on the power play. There isn’t much advice here. I am not sure you can sell a 100-point Kane with his performance so far, and if you are buying low, there is a very real chance you are