Frozen Tools Forensics: Comparing skaters and goalies

Grant Campbell



Two of the coolest features within Dobber’s Frozen Tools are the Compare Players and Compare Goalies tools. If you have a trade offer you want to extend or have received in your pool, it’s a pretty slick and easy way to evaluate the players. Or, if you are having an argument on who is the better player, it is easy to look at the data side by side to make your case.


Here are a few examples:

Quinn Hughes versus Cale Makar

Each comparison is broken down into three components: player summary, basic stats, and extended stats. It also shows two graphs (not pictured here) that plot TOI per game and points per game.



Makar is ahead or tied in 30 of the categories compared to Hughes with 21. Makar has managed seven points at even strength compared to three points for Hughes, and that is the only point difference between them as they both have eight power-play points. A noticeable separation between the two is that Makar is using his body more on defence, with 14 hits compared to Hughes at three, and 17 blocks compared to Hughes with two. This will be a tight Calder race between these two, barring any injury.

Next we will look at a goalie comparison.

Sergei Bobrovsky versus Andrei Vasilevskiy versus Frederik Andersen

With the goalie comparison, we have a summary, basic stats, extended stats, and an additional comparison just for goalies, looking at the last three years. T