Top 200 Fantasy Prospect Forwards – November 2019



Here are the Top 200 Prospect Forwards to own in your points-only keeper leagues – November edition!


Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Defensemen will be up tomorrow (Wednesday)


Lots of tweaking this month, plus the addition of a couple of players who had previously been graduated. As always, players within +/-5.0 rating points of each other should be considered equal value and at that point become a matter of personal bias and/or team needs.

Legend: o=offensive forward, os=offensive but small (usually takes longer, and has more obstacles to clear), p=power forward (has more certainty, but upside may come down by quite a bit and big forwards almost always take an extra couple of years, and then a couple more to really hit the productive stride), t=two-way forward (are much more likely to make the NHL, but is a risk to become a checking-line stud)


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This month's Top 100 defensemen here, Top 300 skaters here.


Nov 10 Prospect Team type Prospect Rating Oct 10 Sep 10