The Wild West: Ice Time Winners

Chris Kane



Opportunity is the name of the game in fantasy. Well so is skill, but you get the idea. A decent player with a great opportunity might be a better own than a good player with poor deployment. Linemates, power-play time, even-strength time on ice – all of these things matter when figuring out which players we want to hang on to, particularly when we get to the bottoms of our rosters. To that end, out next double week feature is going to look at which players are gaining (and which losing) in this game. 


The general idea is we are going to take a look at players’ deployment (via ice time – which includes even-strength, power play, and total time on ice) and see what has changed recently. Our baseline will be a months worth of data from mid-October to mid-November, and we will be comparing it to data over the last two weeks. This article will highlight a few of the forwards who have gained the most time on ice, and the players who have lost the most. 


Quick Explanation on stats: We are looking at the change in averages per game. So the difference in the percent of the team’s power-play time (Δ %PP) from the baseline compared to the last two weeks, the change in average power-play time per game (Δ PPTOI), even-strength time on ice (Δ EVTOI), and total time on ice (Δ TOI).


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