Top 10 Worst Contracts

Tom Collins



Ah, cap leagues. The place where your dream of being able to run a successful NHL franchise goes to die.

See, we all think we could be an NHL general manager, but we can’t even help ourselves when it comes to our fantasy squads. Some of us will draft or trade for overpriced players, and of course, it never works out.

Below are 10 players who have the worst NHL contract for fantasy hockey purposes. Some of these guys might be worth it in terms of their real-life impact on hockey games, but the contracts aren’t good for fantasy hockey. These 10 players have a total cap hit of $89 million this season, and every one of them is at a minimum of $8 million.


Just a few ground rules:

We’re looking at current contracts, not contracts that are signed but don’t start until next season. So, Andrei Vasilevskiy wouldn’t count for this list as his cap hit is $3.5 million, not the $9.5 million cap hit that begins in 2020-21.

We’re also looking at NHL rostered players, so contracts buried in the minors, such as Karl Alzner, won’t be found on this list.

Finally, when I first starting compiling this list, I came up with an easy list of 50 overpaid players. To whittle it down, I focused on players who are more likely to be selected in most hockey pools. Keep that in mind before asking where Kyle Turris and Bryan Little is.


10. Phil Kessel

We all knew there was going to be a production drop for Kessel, moving from Pittsburgh to Arizona, but we didn’t think it was going to be this severe. How bad has it been? As of today, Kessel has on-pace numbers of 16 goals, 45 points, a minus-42, 199 shots, 21 hits and 26 power-play points. Definitely not worthy of a cap hit of $8 million until 2021-22. Props to anyone who was able to trade him away last summer for anything of value.


9. Ryan Johansen

When this season expires, Johansen will still be owed $8 million for five more years. That’s a lot of money for a player that hasn’t broken 65 points since 2014-15 when he was in Columbus. This year, with 19 points in 31 games, he is on pace for only 50 points. One of the biggest issues with Johansen in fantasy hockey is that you don’t roster Johansen for any other reason except for points, and maybe PIM